Institute Year (Institute Year)

The academy year consists of two main semesters and a summer semester 

the deuration of the study in the main semester is a 15 weeks , followed by 2 weeks for the end of the semester exams , while the summer semester is 5 weeks followed by one week for the end of the semester examiniation 


Part Pragmatic

1.Training And Teaching Swimming By The Finest Trainer In The Field Of Swimming

2.For Deck Cadet sea servise  ( 12 Months ) 


Educational System (Educational System)


The institute follows the Credit Hour System

The system of credit hour determines the number of courses required tp be successufuly completed by the student according to the level of performance this system leaves the student free to progress in his studies accorrding to his abilities and readiness under the guidance of the instructor in the institute  in view of the minimum and maximum number of courses allowed which allows the student to participate in the development of the study plan according to its potential and within the framework of the applicable system.

the student's success in the course requires 60% or more, and the student who does not have the minimum required to succeed must return the course.


Credit Hour

The Credt hours are the basis for determining the students acadimic load in each semester m it is equivalent to a 50-minute theoretical stude ( Lecture )  and requires at least one hour of student personal effort.


Study Load

 The total number of weekly credit hours that a student enrolls in one semester 



the course is taught over a period of one semester and is sllocated a number odf credit hours according to the eduactional plan of the department concerned. Each couse is marked by a special code that identifies the educational section followed by the course and the level of this course during the yaers of study.


Credit Hour Achieved

This is the approved hour passed by the student successfully for any the courses in whish he\she was enrolled and counted as part his educational achievement



is a period of time from the total duration of the study, consisting of one or more semester spent by the student at the institute or on board ships "for student of the departments of navigation and narine engineering"


Educational Program

Is the set of main courses, support and elective offered by the department of education and necessary to complete the deree and the period of time ranging from two and a half .


Educational Path

Is the educational plan chosen by the student according to his abilities and raediness and achievements to achieve his educational goalws.


Authorization and delegation from the republic of panama

- Authorization and delegation from the republic of panama maritime training services on 27/04/2012 to train the egyptian and the arabian , maritime science and to make them receive a panamanian seaman book and panamanian certificates to work on merchant ships and in the international ports


Program for the preparation of new students

In the week preceding the beginning of each semester, the institute organizes a program for new students aimed at introducing them to the study system and plans, the method of registration in courses, evaluation methods, accommodation and stubsistence systems, rights and responsibilities of students .


Study system

The study is carried out by the institute in the rules of procedure for students during the first and second years


Institute Advisor

Is a faculty member assigned to oversee and guide a group of students during the study and help them understand their abilities and tendencies. It also introduces them to the curriculum and curricula of the institute so that the student can make decisions about planninh his studies to achieve his goal and commensurate with his ambition and hopes. the student should consult with him regarding his or her studies.


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